Safe and effective
generative AI for professional services

Now you can unlock 70% productivity gains with minimal risk like the law firms using our technology for secure and accurate contract analysis

Why open-source models?

Encloud outputs from optimized open-source LLM are more accurate compared to closed-source alternatives​

Most companies will realise that smaller, cheaper, more specialised models make more sense for 99% of AI use-cases.

– Clem Delangue, CEO at HuggingFace.

How it works

encloud enables actionable insights with minimal risk of data/IP leakage

Upload contracts securely

Bring your own encryption key or use turnkey solution leveraging best-in-class enterprise standards.

Choose LLM & define access

Compatible with and optimized for any open-source language model like Llama, Mistral, Phi2 etc. Manage access to data and outputs using dynamic access controls.

Query contracts securely

Choose contracts and query them securely to create specific, accurate, and actionable insights.

Safe outputs

Outputs are private to you, auditable, and controllable to ensure high-quality and tailored for your use case.

How encloud Creates Value

Enterprise-grade deployment of latest Gen AI models, tailored for business users

Ease of Use to capture 70% gain in user productivity

Cost competitive, saving money on labour-intensive tasks

Time to Production is 3x faster compared to DIY approach

Our vision for Enterprise Grade Generative AI

Create your generative AI-solution with encloud

Check out our demo and see how it secures your AI during development and deployment