Encrypted GenAI For Regulated Industries

It’s very difficult for enterprises and their trusted vendors to eliminate risk of leaking confidential data when using GenAI.

encloud offers encrypted GenAI for regulated industries, with highly-secure technology for deploying custom Generative AI on encrypted data.

Why is GenAI not secure today?

When data is used for GenAI it is exposed to cloud vendors and/or system admins, model providers, and other third-party vendors

Regulated industries are duty-bound to maintain confidentiality and will soon have a regulatory obligation (under the EU AI Act) to use ‘state-of-the-art’ privacy technology

encloud makes GenAI secure

encloud enables using GenAI with encrypted data

Upload encrypted data or integrate data repository

Integrate with chosen data repositories like data lakes, warehouses or file stores. Encrypt data using your own keys or use turnkey solution.

Choose data & define access

Use optimized open-source language models like Llama, Mistral, Phi etc. or proprietary models. Leverage enterprise grade roles and permissions to define access to input datasets and outputs generated by model.

Interrogate encrypted data

Use interface or API to query the data securely. Get outputs and share with others.

Use GenAI Outputs Safely

Accurate and auditable outputs that can be used by employees or interpreted by another AI based agent.


Enterprise-grade deployment of latest Gen AI models, tailored for business users

End-to-end encrypted and auditable GenAI using Confidential Computing technology

Future-proofed, enabling meeting of tomorrow’s regulatory standards today

Control beyond silos, enabling enterprises to safely deploy GenAI across cloud vendors, model providers and organisational boundaries

Our vision for Responsible Enterprise Generative AI

Create your generative AI-solution with encloud

Check out our demo and see how encloud acts as a trust layer for enterprise generative AI deployment