Improve productivity by up to 70% by safely leveraging generative AI

Flexible. Interoperable. Secure. Boundless Confidential AI

Enterprises must have the freedom and the confidence to leverage new and disruptive AI technologies

Data Privacy Concerns

  • Data privacy must be assured across the entire data lifecycle – especially during AI development and once AI is deployed

  • Large Language Models (LLMs) have inherent privacy risks and tools should offer added layer of protection to ensure minimal data and AI vulnerabilities

Compliance Requirements

  • New incoming regulations will require new controls to be placed on the data and the AI (i.e. EU Article 10 Paragraph 5)
  • Limiting data re-use and inherent data privacy and security will be essential for future compliance

Scale to Win

  • Quickly prototype, develop, and deploy AI to get ahead of the competition

  • Choice of how to deploy data and AI gives the flexibility needed to build the best product regardless of which AI is the best in the market

Encloud Application

Secure, private and scalable data platform for developing and deploying your AI. Built on top of any cloud or on-prem hardware.

Using encloud to query Large Language Models (LLM) in a confidential way


Envelope Encryption
Encrypted data storage and key management.


Environment (TEE)
Private compute for analytics and Trusted Execution of AI.


Attestation & Audit
Dynamic access controls and data brokering

Boundless Confidential AI

Flexible AI

Latest Generative AI
Compatible with the latest AI and embedding models to build the best product or service possible

Deploy on any cloud or bare metal to fit your existing IT architecture

Secure across siloes

Secure data collaboration
Gather insights through collaboration by accessing data across silos

Data remains confidential, always
Data shared from each source remains confidential and IP remains protected

Easy and Flexible

One-click deployment
Complexities of confidential computing is simplified for fast prototyping and deployment

Flexible design
Deploy through a CLI or App and choose the modules best suitable for the problem

Build your AI-solution with encloud

Check out our demo and see how it secures your AI during development and deployment

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