Secure. Cost-efficient. encloud.

Trusting the incumbent cloud providers with your data exposes you to high recurring costs. encloud increases profits by accelerating the trustless cloud with privacy. Trustless cloud is decentralized hardware infrastructure networks providing cloud services enhanced with privacy, keeping your data safe.

encloud secures your data and saves excessive costs

Encryption and Storage CLI

  • Store sensitive data securely and cost effectively to web3

  • Use non-custodial key management and forget about the hassle of managing keys

  • Generate encrypted CAR files and perform deal making with Filecoin Storage Providers

Privacy Enhanced Compute

  • Perform compute on sensitive data on Filecoin/IPFS leveraging confidential computing

  • Run workloads in familiar Docker/WASM technologies

  • Compute at little to no costs and save on expensive cloud bills


  • Filecoin is a global network that is efficient and encloud secures it with encryption and confidential computing

  • Resilient due to globally distributed setup

  • Join our ecosystem of Storage Providers and tooling

  • Open-source and market derived pricing


encloud Desktop App

encloud’s Desktop Application is the easiest way to encrypt and onboard sensitive data to web3. encloud leverages envelope encryption to encrypt files and upload to Filecoin. encloud is accelerating the trustless cloud with privacy

Watch it in action!

Watch the encloud Desktop Application demo with a walkthrough of all features like key management, envelope encryption, uploads, retrievals and sharing

Onboard and use sensitive data in the decentralized cloud

encloud CLI for developers

encloud is the cheapest and easiest way for developers to onboard sensitive encrypted data from their applications to the decentralized cloud & web. encloud CLI offers a seamless experience for developers to encrypt their files using state of the art enveloper encryption and metadata management

1) Generate ECIES secp256k1 OR RSA 2048 key pair (KEK) to encrypt & decrypt the AES-256 keys (DEK)
encloud generate-key-pair
2) Seamlessly upload encrypted data to Filecoin
encloud upload -p `<KEK_PUBLIC_KEY>` -f `<FILE_PATH>` -e `<DEK_TYPE>`
3) List uploaded files and associated metadata. Metadata is used to query and retrieve the files from Filecoin
encloud list -p `<KEK_PUBLIC_KEY>`
4) Easily retrieve data from Filecoin using File ID that maps to Filecoin CIDs
encloud retrieve-by-cid -p `<KEK_PUBLIC_KEY>` -k `<KEK_PRIVATE_KEY>` -u `<FILE_ID>`

Flexible offerings for clients


  • Local storage Private Key & data

  • < 5GB limit for file uploads

  • Single file uploads

  • DEK sharing

  • Custom UI


  • Decentralized KMS for Priv. Key

  • Chunked uploads for larger file sizes upto 100GB

  • Encrypted CAR File preparation and deal making for specific SPs

  • API Key based auth