180Protocol is delighted to announce that it is undertaking a residency with National Gallery X (“NGX”) to develop thought leadership on blockchain technologies working alongside the National Gallery and key stakeholders. The project’s goal is to define the optimal deployment of blockchain in the museum sector to enhance and preserve the public right to enjoy works of art.

The current hyperbole around digital assets in the form of NFTs is significant, and the potential they offer could be transformative for the museum sector if the right standards are set. However, the pace of innovation does pose considerable risks. National Gallery X and 180Protocol recognise the need to engage constructively with new technologies to mitigate these risks and to ensure the advantages they offer accrue for the benefit of the public.

The residency will initially take shape as a research project exploring institutional applications of developing technology. Key deliverables include:


  • Clarity on how blockchain and other technologies can be deployed to enhance museum collaboration and access to digital museum assets;


  • Defining optimal commercial deployment of NFTs by the sector to supplement ancillary commercial activities like retail;


  • Exploring the use of NFTs to engage a broader audience, enhance community engagement, and new fundraising potential for the National Gallery and the sector more broadly;


  • A better understanding about how to protect cultural institutions intellectual property in emerging digital domains.


In this phase, 180 Protocol will work with key National Gallery, King’s College London and other stakeholders to define appropriate standards for the sector. The initial outcome of the residency is to deliver and present recommendations and next steps to the National Gallery and the museum sector. Key recommendations together with further announcements will be published online and presented formally to selected invitees.

Chris Michaels, Director of Digital, Communications and Technology at The National Gallery says “180Protocol have impressed me with their duty of care towards key stakeholders in a sector both at risk from and in need of innovation to create new legacies for the enjoyment of public works of art. We are delighted to be working with them and excited to see how we can continue to leverage emerging technology to create the museum of tomorrow.”

Phil Holbrook, CEO Bond180 says “With this transformational and critical project, Bond180 launches its new initiative 180Protocol excitedly and with huge hopes that we can contribute to the future state of the arts and culture sector, one in which technology preserves the interest of key stakeholders like the National Gallery, other cultural institutions, artists, and the general public.”

Katie Lundie, Head of Arts & Culture for 180Protocol says “I am absolutely delighted to be driving this initiative working closely with Chris [Michaels], the team at NGX, and Kings College London. My vision is for a future embracing emerging technology in the right way to deliver value for all who care about our creative sector.”

About National Gallery X:

NGX is an ambitious project at the forefront of digital innovation, working in partnership with King’s College London and with a strong commitment to artistic, educational, and curatorial expertise at the National Gallery.

About 180Protocol:

180Protocol is a newly launched initiative built by Bond180. It is an application framework to enhance institutional collaboration with digital initiatives. The residency aims to deliver a museum consortium eager to deploy developing technologies for the benefit of all art lovers.