London, United Kingdom (October, 2021) – Bond180’s next generation collaborative computing technology will power 180Protocol, which has now been launched in Singapore. 180Protocol’s application framework is designed to support a growing ecosystem by deploying cutting edge enterprise and decentralised technologies for the benefit of all.

Enterprises are sitting on extraordinary value in the form of intangible assets, but they need the confidence and new ways to monetise this value. Using 180Protocol, organisations can realise value from their intangible assets efficiently and effectively without security or privacy concerns.

180Protocol deploys a unique combination of technologies, bridging permissioned networks like Corda and public blockchains. 180Protocol also incorporates confidential computing enclaves, like R3’s Conclave. This combination of public blockchain, permissioned distributed ledger and secure multiparty computation enables the formation of fee generating private enterprise coalitions to drive new collaborative potential.

Imagine democratized B2B marketplaces for products or services, leveraging the growing potential in the $26trillion enterprise e-commerce market . Or consider that S&P 500 companies alone have a staggering $21 trillion locked in intangible value , equating to 90% of their total value. The potential is clearly enormous.

180Protocol delivers its transformational solution with support via its inclusion in R3’s Venture Development programme. In addition to the support of R3, 180Protocol has also been supported by Outlier Ventures, the leading Web 3.0 accelerator. Outlier Ventures is the most active accelerator in Europe and has cumulatively raised more than $130 million for its portfolio companies. Outlier Ventures anticipates this number will rise significantly in the coming quarters through its Ascent programme, accelerating token launches for the leading Web 3.0 inspired initiatives.

Phil Holbrook, CEO of 180Protocol, said: “180Protocol unlocks the value of intangible assets. This is a transformational initiative with virtually limitless potential across all industries. It will empower institutional and enterprise coalitions to shape the operation in their verticals while retaining sovereignty over their operations. We are very excited about the unique potential of 180Protocol. We are delighted to have formed partnerships including with Outlier Ventures to deliver this innovative technology solution.”

Ivar Wiersma, Head of Ecosystem & Venture Development at R3, commented: “The Corda ecosystem is growing rapidly and includes 350 institutions and more than 300 start-ups deploying and building on Corda and Corda Enterprise. The R3 Venture Development program ensures start-ups derive the greatest value from our network to shorten their time-to-market and accelerate go-to-market strategy. These firms can also leverage our ground-breaking confidential computing platform, Conclave. 180Protocol is a rare initiative that has the capacity to revolutionise whole industries for the benefit of all”

Jamie Burke, CEO of Outlier Ventures, said: “We have advised, invested in and incubated 30+ projects in the over 7 years. We have condensed this learning into an accelerator program ‘Base Camp’ to support pre-seed stage startups specializing in a New Data Economy, NFTs, and DeFi. 180Protocol is an exciting part of our growing portfolio and has the potential to have a monumental impact on the future of enterprise.”

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