Announcing encloud’s new Desktop Application, the Gateway to Filecoin & IPFS

Proud to Introduce our new product, a desktop application providing a gateway to Filecoin and IPFS. Visit us at to learn more.

For roles requiring data analytics like data scientists, there are three major issues with deploying data in the cloud: – functionality, cost, and security. Currently, there is a lack of choice requiring difficult compromises, often trading high recurring costs and inadequate privacy assurance, for ease of use.

Encloud provides a better choice.

encloud Desktop Application is a cross-platform utility to encrypt data sets and onboard them to IPFS or Filecoin. Users can store their encrypted data sets and share them. It leverages security best practices like envelope encryption, multiple data encryption schemes, file sharing, and robust metadata management for files. 

encloud is also creating private enhanced compute to enable data computations and analytics on encrypted data. The vision is distributed and federated analytics on data to enable scientific breakthroughs and enormous efficiencies in research, risk underwriting, and financial modeling, amongst other things.

The application will host the key web services applications meaning users do not need anything else to use the Filecoin network and IPFS. encloud delivers end-to-end data privacy for these services.

If you are an investor interested in backing the team or a data user looking for a better choice please reach out to the encloud team today.