Today, encloud is delighted to unveil new capabilities of its confidential AI solution designed to enable organizations to safely and easily query their data at scale using generative AI. The product was unveiled at the TransformBase event held in Kings Place, London on November 9th.

encloud has designed its products to be easy to deploy for modern enterprises with heterogeneous IT architectures and seeking to deploy complex workloads like LLMs. Unlike others in the space, encloud has created tools that are flexible, interoperable, and secure delivering state-of-the-art privacy and better AI outputs on private data sets. 

40% of organizations have already suffered a data leak due to unsecure use of AI, and with fines of up to 7% of global revenues on the horizon if organizations do not deploy “state-of-the-art” privacy preserving measures. Meeting this standard is costly, time-consuming, and difficult. 

By providing an easy to use and state-of-the art privacy solution leveraging confidential computing for any IT architecture or workload, encloud is solving this problem and enabling organizations to safely use generative AI.  

encloud Co-founders, Parth Shukla and Philip Holbrook at Transformbase, London

Initially focused on delivering operational efficiencies and summarization in financial and legal services, itself a $65bn opportunity, encloud are actively seeking POCs before launching a SaaS platform for a broader audience next year. 

If you are interested in finding out more about state-of-the-art privacy without headaches please reach out to the team at

TransformBase is a gathering of innovative leaders to take ownership in shaping the future of how we use frontier technology. The event was designed to facilitate collaborative discussions with leaders and collectively discover how to use emerging technologies to better service businesses and society.