A trust layer for Gen AI deployed on your infrastructure

In-house software and support for querying confidential data and documents and creating or deploying your own language models

Customized UI focused on specific use cases and bespoke integrations

Lightweight, future-proof, and compliant for regulated industries

Leverage AI safely with your non-public data

End-to-end secure

Deploy AI on encrypted data within a secure enclave using optimized confidential virtual machines

Designed for enterprises

Ringfence your data and insights, putting guardrails up to ensure responsible use of Gen AI by employees

Compliant AI for professional services

Legal and financial services and other regulated markets where reputation is key, focus on material non-public information

Affordable at scale

Bespoke packages for GenAI deployments at scale, an end-to-end Generative AI stack delivering significant value

Specialized deployment of open-source language models


Llama, Mistral, Phi2 etc all optimized for specialized deployments


Retrieval augmented generation, quantization, continuous batching, etc


Agnostic to cloud, hardware, model, and vector stores

Generative AI can introduce 70% efficiency gains and provide new valuable insights. Why risk waiting?

Structured 12-week onboarding ensures seamless software deployment


Identify entry use case and integration requirements

Build & Train

Build product and ensure skill transfer to deploy software

Go Live & Monitor

Test and harden

Operate & Expand

Your generative AI delivering value in-house safely and effectively

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