Confidential document querying for mid-sized firms

Privacy-assured querying of your most sensitive documents like client contracts

The guardrails for responsible enterprise use without deployment headaches.

Leverage AI with your data

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Query confidential documents securely, beta testing coming soon

Built for mid-sized firms with enterprise-grade security

Targeting law firms and their clients in financial services

Automate document processing

Targeting senior practitioners seeking to reduce reliance on support staff

Affordable price

Multiple subscription tiers for single or organizational use to ensure value

Subscription Tiers


Targeting single-users, limited use


Targeting practices up to 10 users, broader use

White Label

Targeting >10 users

Generative AI can introduce 70% efficiency gains and provide new valuable insights. Why risk waiting?

6-week Trial Period for testing, learning, and feedback

£1k free credits

Experiment with generative AI

Early product access and influence

Provide feedback to ensure product meets your needs

Discounted subscription post-trial

20% Discount available to all beta-testers

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We accept application from law firms at all scales, though places are limited